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High Technology Management

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Qiuck facts:

Duration: June,27 - July, 8

Deadline: April, 20

Language: English

Qualification: 4 ECTS

Price: 500 $

Russian Culture

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Duration: August, 9 - 20

Deadline: May, 31

Language: English

Qualification: 4 ECTS

Price: 500 $


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Duration: July, 26 – August, 5

Deadline: May, 5

Language: English

Qualification: ECTS 4

Price: 500 $

Robotics and Mechatronics

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Duration: August, 1-12

Deadline: May, 15

Language: English

Qualification: 4 ECTS

Price: 500 $

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To participate in the school, apply through web page or write your contacts to summer@ssau.ru


Within 2 days receive a letter with further instructions. If there is no letter within 2 days, please apply once more.


You need a visa to come to Russia. Samara University summer schools can be attended with STUDY visa only. Learn more


There is an international airport Kurumoch in Samara and a railway station. We need the copies of your tickets sent by e-mail 2 weeks before the summer program begins.


Send copies of your tickets to the school’s organizers so that they arrange your transfer from Samara airport to your hostel and back.

Beyound the studies


Samara is a welcoming and bustling megapolis,
one of Russia`s leading scientific,
industrial, educational and cultural centre.

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Recreational sights, natural parks, museums,
the longest embankment in Europe
- Samara offers a rich cultural program.

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You come to the country with its own old traditions in food.
Take a chance to try pelmeny, sushki,
honey and other beloved dishes of Russians.

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Tourists want to bring something unique from the place they visit.
What do you know about traditional souvenirs from Russia?

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Amanda Mucke Silva
Loughborough University

United Kingdom

Having been recommended to the HTM summer school by a former participant I already had high expectations for this experience, however, the ten days far surpassed what I believed possible.
Samara University is an ideal university due to its access to space and aircraft related technology. Being able to converse with highly intelligent people from all around the world and share ideas on so many diverse topics was a dream. A jam packed ten days where I learnt so much about nano-satellites, marketing, management and how to cooperate in large groups.. I grew so much and felt greatly inspired being surrounded by people all of which possessed ambitious and beautiful dreams. I’d like to thank and congratulate all the lecturers and Samara students involved in this project – you really made something amazing.

Alexandre Berto Calvinho
University of Campinas

Brazilia, Brazil

After 36 hours, 4 planes and 5 airports... Brazil, here I am! It's almost impossible to say how amazing this experience in Russia was. Besides being one great course, the High Tecnology Management made it possible that different people around the world could build a great friendship in a really short time. 10 days ago it wouldn't be possible to imagine that people from Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Nederlands, Belgium, France, UK, China and Kazakhstan would be studying, working together at the Samara National Research University and enjoying what the city and the region have to offer! I've not imagined that in just one week would be possible to improve that much academically, professionally, culturally and personally as happened to me. One more time, thank you to all the volunteers and organizers for everything! Specially for your friendship! I wish you all the best! And I hope to see you again!

Carmel Vivitha Thomas
Anna University


It gives me immense pleasure to provide feedback on summer school. I must say it was
a great learning with excellent teaching and interesting practical
 They made a pitch in showcasing workshops wherein they displayed
 Nanosatellites, Biophotonics and Magnetic repulsion stamping.
 My desire is to be an entrepreneur, this high school influenced me to get
into the technology management even more better. The practical session was
more innovative to experience creativity and see how it enriches your own
product and to be able to use this for your business.
 This course was very much more than I anticipated or expected along with
the foreign collaboration.
 Apart from this it was a wide opportunity to explore Samara, Moscow and
 Last but not the least I would like to thank the Committee members for this
 wonderful opportunity!