Summer School

Russian Culture

How much do you know about Russia? Probably, you have heard something from the mass media; however, Russian culture and history require more attention, and you definitely will not be disappointed. Have you ever heard that Russia never started a single war and all military actions were only to defend our people? Did you know that there are 89 big cities and districts in Russia? Did you know a lot about Russian breakthroughs in space and what was “the price” for that? How many dishes do you remember from Russian cuisine? How many of them did you try?
If you want to know more about Russia, the Russian Culture school is waiting for you. You will learn a lot about the cultural features of the country, especially Russian cuisine and language. The program includes classes for learning Russian for groups from beginner to advanced level.
Attention is paid to the peculiarities of doing business in Russia, master classes on negotiations with Russian partners. You will be able to visit museums, theatres and concerts during this couple of weeks. You will see how Russians live in cities and villages, what they are doing for pleasure and what their hobbies are. Some cooking workshops and master classes on making Russian souvenirs will be provided.
As an additional option of this school, you can visit Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Dates: August, 9 – August, 19 - August, 24** (Application deadline May, 31)

Tuition Fees*___________________________________________________500$
Accommodation charge (3 options):
- in the hotel (no meals)__________________________________________200$
- in the hotel (including three meals a day)___________________________300$
- staying with host Russian family (including two meals a day) ___________400$
Additional program**____________________________________________350$

* Tuition fee covers teaching costs, study materials, city tour, extracurricular activities (visits to museums, workshops, masterclasses).
Early bird: Discount 50% off the Tuition fee upon motivation letter for 10 participants until 5th of April, 2019

**If you want to extend the chosen school program and visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, let us know and we will include you in the list.

12 days (base program)+6 days (additional program)

May, 31


9 – 19 August


International students:
100 %